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fnatic over ESC to GameGune final

fnatic over ESC to GameGune final GameGune 2012′s upper bracket final saw two of the world’s top three teams battle it out with fnatic coming out on top 2-1 (14-16 de_nuke, 16-8 de_train, 7-16 de_dust2) to knock ESC Gaming down to the lower bracket. ESC Gaming opened up the series with a pistol round win thanks to Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas’ two USP kills in a two-on-two situation. The Poles...
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TSL 4 The Team Liquid Starleague has become one of the biggest events of the year. TSL is known for changing the lives of many young pro gamers looking to make a name for themselves. This TSL will be no different in fact with the upcoming launch of HOTS this might be the tournament for someone to build their career. Tonight kicks off the first four games of the Ro32. 8 players will...
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DELTA eliminate

DELTA eliminate DELTA have unexpectedly eliminated from GameGune 2012 in the lower bracket semi-final, thanks to a 16-6 win on de_dust2 and a 16-14 win on de_inferno. In the other lower bracket match, an all-Ukrainian clash, Natus Vincere defeated KerchNET after two maps (16-13 on de_inferno, 16-10 on de_tuscan). The surprise of the tournament, DELTA, met with who had just...
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ECC: Poland

ECC: Poland Day 1 of the event kicked off today, featuring many great teams, our own SK Gaming amongst them. It’s the final chance to gain valuable Circuit Points for all of the participants. Let’s see how they will perform and wish good luck to our team! Group A 1. Team Curse EU 2 – 1 2. SK Gaming 2 – 1 3. Team Acer PL 1 – 2 4. Meet Your Makers 1 – 2 Match...
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GameGune 2012 groups published

GameGune 2012 groups published Few hours ago the GameGune organizers have drawn the groups for the tournament starting on Thursday at 15:00 CET. In addition the French team iGamerz have been added. There will be a total of six groups, with top two placed teams from each group making it through to the playoffs. The playoffs will be played best-of-three maps in a double-elimination bracket, starting Friday at...
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MLG Summer Arena teams announced

MLG Summer Arena teams announced Yesterday the NA and EU qualifiers for the Arena finished and we saw a big suprise in the European one. BLACK or in other words “Bacon lovers are crazy kool” won the trip to New York after storming through known teams as Team MegashocK , and even Team Curse EU in the final, taking all matches 2-0. On the other side of the ocean Team Curse were victorious...
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Chinese casting team for TI2 reveale...

Chinese casting team for TI2 revealed The lead designer of the Dota series, IceFrog, has assembled a team of six of the most notable casters in China to provide on-site coverage for The International this year. In addition to these casters, Wang “Anderson” Yumin has been added to serve as a mediator and translator for the six national casters. Although the other casters from other orients have yet to be...
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0 Ladies wins TAFC Ladies defeated Alternate Ladies in the final of the Team Alternate Female Cup. The Tournament was held between July 6-7. A total amount of 8 teams were competing in the tournament, divided into two groups. The Russian ladies managed to get on top in the first group with three matches and no defeats, and overpowered Moscow 5 Ladies in the semi-final. Team Alternate made...
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Mad Catz Unveiled!

Mad Catz Unveiled! Gamers in the UK will have the chance to laugh in the face of superstition as they make Friday the 13th of July their lucky day thanks to MadCatz. The company have been involved with e-sports for some time now and with new products geared towards e-sports enthusiasts being released constantly they’re giving their target audience the chance to test them out in person. The one...
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Soundblaster ProAm Semi Final Round ...

Soundblaster ProAm Semi Final Round Up The first match of the day saw pick up team TEC playing against the tournament late comers and the only remaining American team Collapse. Collapse’s run through the tournament made for very impressive viewing, dropping very few maps even when faced against i45 winners Prophecy. TEC were an online qualifying team, one of only two in the whole tournament. The others were...
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M5 wins SK Pro Trophy June

M5 wins SK Pro Trophy June Yesterday the SK Pro Trophy took place with eight professional teams competing for 1000€ prize pool. They were joined by Semi-Pro teams who placed 1st in recent SK trophy qualifiers. Results fnatic and SK Gaming were knocked out in the first round. beat Fnatic showing a lot of good coordination despite being newly formed line-up. It should be mentioned though that...
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WCG To Drop 1.6?

WCG To Drop 1.6? Although we wanted to hold back on reporting about this as it seemed that the source,, were doing little more than simply jumping on the IEM hysteria bandwagon, our own investigations do seem to have shown there is some credence in the reports. After we exclusively revealed that the WCG had been planning on going mobile gaming only, a decision confirmed by several...
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fnatic wins Dreamhack Summer 2012

fnatic wins Dreamhack Summer 2012 DreamHack summer 2012 has come to an end. 8 teams for main tournament and 22 for BYOC Qualifier signed up and after today’s finals, the Swede team of fnatic was crowned as the champions securing their place for DreamHack Winter 2012 which will take place from 28th November to 1st December. The grand final was played on 3 maps: de_dust2, de_train and de_mirage. Fist match was...
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CS:GO release date and price announc...

CS:GO release date and price announced For months the game has been in the beta phase. The company Valve has held back lately and publishes only Patchnotes on her blog. Shortly before the beginning of the E3 Valve has published the release-date for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All you CS fans finally have a date to count down to. Valve announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will launch on August 21. The...
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DreamHack Summer 2012: StarCraft II ...

DreamHack Summer 2012: StarCraft II Preview DreamHack has always been a staple tournament in the StarCraft 2 calendar with a huge prize pool up for grabs, as well as direct seeds into DreamHack Winter. This weekend will have some of the highest level play we’ve ever seen with some of the best players in the world traveling from all over the world to compete. DreamHack is known for always raising the bar for tournaments...
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E3: Splinter Cell Blacklist

E3: Splinter Cell Blacklist The Sam Fisher of the old days was known and popular for working undercover and invisible. Using the darkness and special gadgets, it was possible for him to neutralize his targets in silence and to fulfill his missions without being detected by the enemies. With the death of his daughter, Sam Fisher slowly began to change in Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Splinter Cell:...
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mTw and TongFu to The International

mTw and TongFu to The International Following a five day event for two different regional online qualifier tournaments, mTw and TongFu E-sports Club have emerged as the final attendees to The International. With these victories, both teams will be provided free trips to Seattle, where they will join the fourteen teams personally invited by Gabe Newell to compete for the grand prize of one million USD. Valve has yet...
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Win CS:GO, DOTA2 Keys And More

Win CS:GO, DOTA2 Keys And More The lovely lads from TT.esports have announced a competition over at HardwareHeaven where you lot can get your hands on some sought after winnings. They’ve got prizes-a-plenty over at Hardware Heaven, thanks to TT.esports, and now you have the chance to win what is the holy grail of gaming at the moment: A CS:GO key. Other prizes include DOTA2 keys and some great Thermaltake...
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