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Posted by pan on May 22, 2012
Colossus Drop Harass

Colossus Drop Harass

An upcoming talent that’s transitioned between the Korean scene and American scene, puCK has been an innovator for Protoss players recently and has been performing consistently in online tournaments and small LANs.

Today we take a look at his ingenius colossus drop harass, something very rare in Starcraft 2 that’s used by almost no one. A very unique way of using the warp prism to utilize his tier 3 units to the best of their ability while building up his army back at his main, this could prove to be something that Protoss players may want to look into for the future.

His opponent in this match is fOrGG, a flash in the pan of sorts from the Brood War scene that rose to fame after being the only player in MSL history to defeat both Flash and Jaedong in one tournament, due to his insanely high level macro, in the Arena MSL 2008 tournament, along with being the only person to defeat Jaedong in a Bo5 during 2008. We saw fOrGG return in September of 2011 after he announced retirement roughly a year before that. As some of you may know, oGs has disbanded and updates regarding their team’s players will be arriving shortly.

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