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Posted by pan on May 22, 2012
SQL launches European team

SQL launches European team

Sequential Gaming is currently a big player on the Australian eSports scene. They look to break in the European scene with their League of Legends team.

They look to play in a range of European tournaments and reach the top with their professional setup. They’ve also recruited at least one known player with NL Chris “Sneaky” Esser, LowLandLions ex-AD Carry. Here’s his statement:

This is the brand new line-up:

NL Ruud “Ruud” Wessels (Team Manager)
NL Chris “Sneaky” Esser (AD Carry)
GR Alex “Dexterus” Christakis (AP Carry – Teamcaptain)
FR Quentin “Wahabin” Bodivit (Support)
SE Max “MeWantUCookies” Sörensen (Jungler)
SE Alexander “Tardocious” Zielinski (Solo Top)

Teamcaptain Dexterus is also very excited about his new team:

You can find more info on Sequential Gaming on their

Source and images: Sequential

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