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Posted by pan on Jul 25, 2012
MLG Summer Arena teams announced

MLG Summer Arena teams announced

Yesterday the NA and EU qualifiers for the Arena finished and we saw a big suprise in the European one. EUBLACK or in other words “Bacon lovers are crazy kool” won the trip to New York after storming through known teams as SETeam MegashocK , and even EUTeam Curse EU in the final, taking all matches 2-0. On the other side of the ocean USTeam Curse were victorious after winning against USCounter Logic Gaming Black, USDynamic and USOrbit Gaming in the final.

These two teams who secured their places through some tough matches will be joined by the two invited teams, namely the NA powerhouse USTeam SoloMid and the winner of the first Azubu OGN tournament KRAzubu Blaze.

All matches will be broadcasted live and the viewers will be able to choose between a stream, shoutcasted by Leigh “Deman” Smith, Trevor “qu1ksh0t” Henry and the ex-pro player Dan Dinh, or two other streams, which will feature each of the teams’ voice-chat. All 3 will be free to watch in 480p.

The four teams will play in a round-robin system and even if one of the teams wins the first two maps, the third one will still be played. The top two teams after this initial matches will battle in a Best of 3 Final.

Initial Schedule:

The MLG Summer Arena promises to be a very interesting event even if it features only 4 teams. Will the extraordinary European representative manage to stand up to the big names in their first offline event? How will TSM do in their first match against a Korean team and how the Koreans will do away from their homeland? The answers are coming in less than two weeks, so mark your calendars!

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