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Posted by pan on Jul 9, 2012
Soundblaster ProAm Semi Final Round Up

Soundblaster ProAm Semi Final Round Up

The first match of the day saw pick up team TEC playing against the tournament late comers and the only remaining American team Collapse. Collapse’s run through the tournament made for very impressive viewing, dropping very few maps even when faced against i45 winners Prophecy. TEC were an online qualifying team, one of only two in the whole tournament. The others were invited to take part, hailed as some of the best teams in the world. Regardless, they still managed to get themselves to the semi finals, only one game away from a potential $2000 prize.

The matches started off with a very close Capture the Flag on Bootleg, whilst Collapse were out slaying the TEC line up consistently, the TEC line up came up with plays to stop flag runs or steal a flag away for themselves. Finishing 2-1 to Collapse indicated just how close the map was where perhaps it shouldn’t have been, given Collapse’s slaying power.

Having had a scare from the TEC line up it seemed like Collapse then stepped up a gear, romping home to victory on Arkaden Search and Destroy with a 4-0 scoreline. Determined to make amends for the poor showing on the previous map, TEC pulled out all the stops on CTF Lockdown; Tommey in particular with an outstanding 4 piece as well as topping the leaderboard for his team. Despite their best efforts both teams captured 2 flags each sending the third map into a tie break situation. Collapse were able to show their true capability with a 40 second flag capture, something their opponents were unable to match.

Moving into a potential final map, Collapse looked to be cruising to a 4-0 victory, however the TEC line up showed great endeavour in order to give themselves a chance of winning the map with the rounds tied 3-3. The fairytale comeback was not to be however as Collapse attacked in the final round, using their slaying ability that had outshone their opponents the entire series and took the win.

So with Collapse now confirmed as the first team in the final, the next match would decide their opponents. i45 runners up TCM matched up against last minute online qualifiers mypressure. It could be said that TCM had an even better run through their group then Collapse, winning one more game, where mypressure had managed to scrape through in the last game taking just enough maps against Collapse.

On what is considered the best side of Capture the Flag on Bootleg, myp struggled to assert map dominance with TCM being the better slayers. Having swapped sides TCM struggled to out slay to take control of the map. Myp player Momo came up with a couple of big two pieces to save his flag being taken, moving this game into a stopwatch situation. Whilst in the stopwatch round, TCM found getting the flag relatively simple in the first half. However, their signature aggression almost cost them dear with Hammers having to make a few clutch kills in order to secure the map.

TCM are widely considered to be one of the most aggressive teams around in the European scene at the moment however they started Search and Destroy on Arkaden in very slow and methodical fashion. Rounds were exchanged all the way up to 3-3 where TCM were able to hold their defensive round to ensure victory, once again Momo and Jake had great maps individually.

Up until this point it could be said that mypressure had been unlucky with the TCM line up maybe not firing on all cylinders, from this point onwards however this certainly wasnt the case. TCM seemed to turn it on and took the CTF map 5-0 and the final map 4-0, completely shutting myp out.

So the final will be a cross Atlantic battle with the American Collapse line up taken on the British TCM team. We will bring you a match report of the final once it takes place!

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