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Community made addons/scripts

Community made addons/scripts Quake fans have been coming up with interesting and helpful content that gives Quake Live even more depth and more competitiveness. The community has created sites with Quake Live oriented content, sites like QLranks. They have provided us with ladders for gamemodes like Duel, CA and TDM. Crafty individuals...
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coL picks up Vo0

coL picks up Vo0 Earlier this week, compLexity went deeper into the Quake scene once again with the addition of one of deathmatch’s greatest all time players, Sander “Vo0″ Kaasjager. Vo0 has experience spanning across many popular deathmatch titles, such as Painkiller and Quake. He is most known for his...
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EM Dubai QuakeLive Schedule

EM Dubai QuakeLive Schedule The Extreme Masters Dubai Global Challenge is one of the most anticipated Quake Live competitions of the ESL season. The list of participants that flew into the UAE runs the gamut of professional names in the scene. With six and a half thousand dollars in prize money on the line the action promises to be...
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