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Battlefield 2142 gets €10.000 LAN

Battlefield 2142 gets €10.000 LAN About the competition: The first part of the tournament is online qualification, which will be played on February through March 2007. The finals will be held in Assembly Winter 2007 event in Tampere, Finland (27.-29.4.2007 FRI-SUN). The competition is open to everyone (regardles of nationality or residence),...
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BF2142 OpenCup Fall 06 kicks off

BF2142 OpenCup Fall 06 kicks off A CB OpenCup Fall 06 has been running for some weeks. 64 clans are battling it out for glory. As it goes on, we will provide coverage on this first interesting big tournament for BF2142. Prizes: - 16 Battlefield 2142 t-shirts and 32 BF2142 lanyards - Ideazon BF2142 Z-Board - Creative 8 of their high-end...
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TGL is red hot

TGL is red hot The first week of matches were played tonight in the BF2142 division of the Total Gaming League. Over 65 active teams participated in the first week of league play. As the TGL progresses, we look to build upon our 1100+ registered users and truly reward both the professional and casual teams. Week 2 is...
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Rolling Thunder League Announced

Rolling Thunder League Announced The PC Gamer Magazine Rolling Thunder Tournament is being played on the latest release from EA Games, the Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike booster pack. The tournament is scheduled to start on Sunday, March 18th 2007. *You must have a valid copy of Northern Strike to participate in this event. All cash...
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