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Posted by pan on May 22, 2012
CLG Black Announced

CLG Black Announced

News of a CLG B team had been floating around for a while now and today it was officially announced. CLG’s second North American team will not only attend events, but also provide a sparring partner for the original team.

Speculation as to the members of this team has spread across the League of Legends scene, with many thinking Lapaka would be a certain member of the team. This is not the case however, as it apparent that Zuna is taking the place of the team jungler instead.

Orb will be losing two players to CLG Black in the form of Hoodstomp and Link, who are highly regarded as up and coming players. Meanwhile 4not lost Bloodwater and team EZ’s Sycho Sid also joins CLG Black. The other team effected will be, who lose Zuna. Surely these teams will be looking for new players now, but as for the players joining CLG Black, it seems that the prospect of playing under such an organisation as CLG was too hard to refuse.

CLG Black will be making their first LAN appearance at the GIGABYTE Esports LAN in Pomona, California, June 15th-17th. They will be hoping to repay the faith shown in them by CLG with a solid performance at this event.

The members of CLG Black shared this :

We are all honored and to be able to play under the CLG name. We’re all well seasoned players who have put a lot of effort into League of Legends. While many would say we’ve already accomplished a great deal already as individuals, our inclusions in CLG Black is something else altogether. It’s not only rewarding, but brings a great sense of pride to be recognized for our individual efforts in solo queue and be brought together under the CLG banner. The organization has given us an immense opportunity, and we plan to give this team our all in terms of dedication and a rigorous practice schedule with CLG Prime. We feel that we are going to become a very strong contender in the competitive scene. Expect us.

The new members of CLG Black are:

Benny “Sycho Sid” Hung – Solo Top
Austin “LiNk” Shin – Solo Mid
Chris “Zuna” Buechter – Jungle
Mark “Hoodstomp” Devon – AD Carry
Lyubomir “BloodWater” Spasov – Support

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