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Posted by pan on Jun 11, 2012
E3: Splinter Cell Blacklist

E3: Splinter Cell Blacklist

The Sam Fisher of the old days was known and popular for working undercover and invisible. Using the darkness and special gadgets, it was possible for him to neutralize his targets in silence and to fulfill his missions without being detected by the enemies.

With the death of his daughter, Sam Fisher slowly began to change in Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Splinter Cell: Conviction. He became more and more aggressive and action-packed. Having feelings of depression and guilt, Sam decides to break off with Third Echelon, the agency he worked for, and get his personal revenge.

Last week at the E3, the new Ubisoft department from Toronto presented the new part of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell called Blacklist.
The story deals with the imminent danger of several terror attacks on the USA, if the US government doesn’t withdraw their troops from foreign countries. The terror groups of those countries have unified and created a list of interesting places which they will blow up if their demands aren’t answered.


As one knows, the US government doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Instead, the US president sends Sam Fisher to eliminate the heads of the terror groups to prevent the terror attacks. Moreover, Sam Fisher becomes the leader of Fourth Echelon, a new agency, as Third Echelon is shut down in the process. He is now able to ask for air support and furthermore to “kill in motion” as it was named by the producers. “Killing in motion” is the ability to selects enemies and kill them in a movie scene while moving, to create the effect of an action packed environment in the style of a Hollywood Blockbuster.


If you’re now more interested in Splinter Cell:Blacklist have a look at the new trailers below!

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