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Gravekeeper added, Gemini nerfed

Gravekeeper added, Gemini nerfed This week’s patch added a new early access hero, Gravekeeper, and implemented the first of many upcoming changes to Gemini.     Version 2.5.7 ———— - Free Hero Pool has been updated. The current list is as follows: * Forsaken Archer * Arachna * Slither * The Madman *...
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twiSta Hits mousesports

twiSta Hits mousesports mousesports have taken a huge blow as they enter the second group stage of the Defense, losing one of their key players Visar “twiSta” Zymberi. The new-look mousesports team formed in the latter half of 2011, seeing numerous top level DotA and HoN players come together to represent the...
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HoN Tournament On E-sports Heaven

HoN Tournament On E-sports Heaven Coinciding with their promotion to lower the cost of purchasing Heroes of Newerth to just $10, Heaven Media and SteelSeries have all joined forces to bring a 128 team HoN tournament to E-sports Heaven. Starting from today teams can sign up to the competition and have their chance to win their share of...
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