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Posted by pan on Jun 18, 2012
WCG To Drop 1.6?

WCG To Drop 1.6?

Although we wanted to hold back on reporting about this as it seemed that the source,, were doing little more than simply jumping on the IEM hysteria bandwagon, our own investigations do seem to have shown there is some credence in the reports.

After we exclusively revealed that the WCG had been planning on going mobile gaming only, a decision confirmed by several sources, it seems that the backlash and potential impact on sponsorship had forced something of a U-turn. Instead the WCG left the option open to continue to host PC games, although many felt this was just a climb down from their earlier position designed to appease the fans.

However the decision seems to have been made in order to capitalise on the growing popularity of titles such as League of Legends and SC2. One title that will not be included, according to, will be Counter-Strike 1.6 as the WCG looks to streamline and evolve for a newer generation of gamer.

Our own investigations seem to confirm that if the WCG does indeed host another PC tournament event – something that in itself is up in the air – 1.6 will not feature amongst those chosen for selection and indeed there’s a chance no FPS title will be included at all.

More and more it seems likely that the scenes we have enjoyed from Counter-Strike down the years are never likely to be replicated again at the biggest event and the hunt for a viable alternative is now on.

WCG have yet to make a statement about these reports.

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