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Posted by pan on Jul 9, 2012
Chinese casting team for TI2 revealed

Chinese casting team for TI2 revealed

The lead designer of the Dota series, IceFrog, has assembled a team of six of the most notable casters in China to provide on-site coverage for The International this year. In addition to these casters, CNWang “Anderson” Yumin has been added to serve as a mediator and translator for the six national casters. Although the other casters from other orients have yet to be revealed, this preliminary establishment is expected to provide extensive support to the Chinese audience, which was largely detached from The International, as well as Dota 2 in general, last year.

IceFrog provided a brief statement about the casting situation to his QQ Weibo account.

Statement from IceFrog:

Last year, The International served as one of the largest competitive video game tournaments to date, with an excess of four million viewers simultaneously watching the first public games of Dota 2. However, the Chinese remained mostly uninvolved, with only two of the four attending teams making it to the top eight and the DotA community of China in large not training on Dota 2. Earlier this year, however, a noticeable shift began, with an increasing degree of investment from Chinese teams and new training regiments based around the game. This year, there will be five attending Chinese teams, including CNDK eSports , which has been the dominant DotA team of China for over the past year. With these seven casters, there will not only be a greater degree of Chinese viewing support, but potential for a larger Chinese investment.

The International 2012 casting team
CN 820
CN HaiTao
CN 2009
CN Miss
CN Snowkiss
CN Anderson (Translator)

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