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Posted by pan on Jul 9, 2012
M5 wins SK Pro Trophy June

M5 wins SK Pro Trophy June

Yesterday the SK Pro Trophy took place with eight professional teams competing for 1000€ prize pool. They were joined by Semi-Pro teams who placed 1st in recent SK trophy qualifiers.


EUfnatic and EUSK Gaming were knocked out in the first round. beat Fnatic showing a lot of good coordination despite being newly formed line-up. It should be mentioned though that Fnatic were without DEManuel ‘Lamia’ Mildenberger and DEPatrick ‘Pheilox’ Walpuski.

PLLDLC knocked out EUSK Gaming .

Semi-finals Vs. UKLuna Gaming pulled out some amazing play versus Luna. With their five man roaming tactic they were an unstoppable force. They were able to catch individuals out of position and take easy objectives.

RUMoscow Five Vs. FRMillenium

Millenium forfeited despite winning all their previous games.


RUMoscow Five Vs.

Moscow 5 take first game with 13 to 2 with surrendering.
M5 dominated and won the first game easy.

The second game was a tad more exciting, the Gamehoppers put up a good fight but in the end, M5 was just too strong, with RUAlexey ‘Alex Ich’ Ichetovkin picking Jax against DKOliver ‘Hawkdon’ Scholz Lønning’s Morgana in midlane, farming up and helping M5 to victory. Great plays from both teams, especially from M5.


Gosupepper was brilliant with Sona doing some amazing plays, millisecond/meter flashes.

Karnage ZAharmny playing extremely well dominating in both games. Going 14-2-11 on Ezreal in vs. Luna.


1st RUMoscow Five
3rd UKLuna Gaming
4th FRMillenium

For more information, head over to the tournament page.

We would like to give special thanks to Leigh ‘Deman’ Smith, Joshua ‘Jatt’ Leesman and VOVIKROBO for providing amazing streams.

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