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Posted by pan on May 22, 2012
OGN Spring: Final Standings

OGN Spring: Final Standings

The first tournament in Korea which was hosted by OGN drew a lot of attention. The finals were played a few days ago and the eventual winners were “hot”.

MiG Blaze weren’t considered as one of the favourites when they went into the last match of the OGN Spring tournament. They were seen as the little brother of the mighty MiG Frost but nothing could have been less true. MiG Blaze showed their class in which was kind of an anti-climactic final. They took 3 maps in a row from their fellow team Frost and secured themselves the championship with the biggest prize pool to date.

Their road to the final wasn’t easiest as we saw Both teams being challenged to the limit by some of their South-Korean Brethren. The crowd that grouped in the stadium was impressive to say the least. It looked quite similar as IEM Hannover. While the game has only been released for a short time, it has already won over a lot of people from the Asian Community.

The Foreigners in Fnatic and CLG disappointed hugely. The European side had been underperforming quite a lot this year, definitely not looking like the side they were for a big part of 2011. These few months of bootcamp should’ve pushed them back in the right direction but seeing their results it hasn’t payed off. The Americans disappointed even more, most people actually thought they were a real contender for the gold. It turned out to be quite different as they too got knocked out in the quarter finals, a plus for them could be that the team they lost too was MiG Blaze who went on to win it all. After Blaze defeated CLG, they straight up challenged the reigning world champions of Moscow 5, a match up we could possibly see at the up and coming season 2 world championship finals.

Let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue like it does in starcraft 2 with Koreans taking all the topspots all over the world. All though the Koreans’s training schedule is packed, the game changes every 2-3 weeks which might make it easier for the Western world to keep up with the Asians.

The Top8 of the OnGameNet Spring Tournament:

MiG Blaze ~ £ 54.000
MiG Frost ~ £ 21.700
Xenics Storm ~ £ 10.850

4th Team OP ~ £ 5.425
5th-8th MKZ ~ £ 2.400
5th-8th Najin e-Mfire ~ £ 2400
5th-8th CLG.NA ~ £ 2400
5th-8th Fnatic ~ £ 2400

The Summer event of OnGameNet will probably be even better as a lot more teams from Europe and America have been invited to attend. More news on that later.

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