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Posted by pan on May 21, 2012
SK out in Finals 4PL AllorNothing

SK out in Finals 4PL AllorNothing

Eight teams have been invited for this exciting tournament where they will take on eachother for only one prize at the end. The cash prize of €1.000 goes to the ultimate winner of the series, the rest will receive nothing!

SK will take on Alternate in the first round, as recent news points out aAa who got invited first were unable to get a new line-up to enter the tournament. The winner will face either Na’Vi or M5, both two very strong teams.

The invited teams are:
EUSK Gaming
EUCounter Logic Gaming .EU
EUNatus Vincere
RUMoscow Five
BETeam Sypher
DE Gamehoppers (Replaces Team Solomid)

For your viewing pleasure, the games will be streamed and shoutcasted on 4PL TV. To follow SK in the first round it is vital you tune in to Ocelote’s stream.

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