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Posted by pan on Jun 11, 2012
mTw and TongFu to The International

mTw and TongFu to The International

Following a five day event for two different regional online qualifier tournaments, FRmTw and CNTongFu E-sports Club have emerged as the final attendees to The International. With these victories, both teams will be provided free trips to Seattle, where they will join the fourteen teams personally invited by Gabe Newell to compete for the grand prize of one million USD. Valve has yet to formally acknowledge mTw and TongFu as the final two attendees on the Dota 2 website, however.

The East qualifier and the road TongFu had was virtually flawless; the Chinese lost only one round against THMiTH.Trust in the second stage of the upper bracket, but won all their matches. In the final against CNWorld Elite , TongFu achieved a 3-0 victory, with only control maintained throughout the majority of their playing time. The road for mTw, however, was far less certain. After getting knocked out of the upper bracket in the first round against RUVirtus.Pro , the international roster had to overcome SEInfused.Tt eSPORTS , USQuantic Gaming , RUzNation and EUMousesports before facing off in the grand final against . The Kazakhstani team had thus far appeared to have been the strongest competitors in the tournament and victory against them was far from certain. Nevertheless, mTw struck out in an aggressive manner and managed to clear through with a 2-1 victory.

The International 2012 attendees
UANatus Vincere
CNDK eSports
MYOrange Esports
CNInvictus Gaming
SECounter Logic Gaming
USEvil Geniuses
MYMUFC eSports
RUMoscow Five
CNTongFu E-sports Club

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