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Posted by pan on May 22, 2012
Team Acer with a second LoL team

Team Acer with a second LoL team

It seems that recently it became a trend for organisations involved with League of Legends to add second teams. Today EUTeam Acer announced the addition of a new roster which consists of five Polish players who are gonna dedicate themselves fulltime to the game and the new team.

The line up is:
PLJakub ‘DOTAPRO’ Grzegorzewski
PLMarcin ‘Xaxus’ Maczka
PLSebastian ’760′ Robak
PLRemigiusz ‘Overpow’ Pusch
PLMateusz ‘eRot1c’ Kurdasinski

The most well-known of the players, PLJakub ‘DOTAPRO’ Grzegorzewski, gave the following statement:

“It is an honor for us to play for Team Acer, a professional and stable organization is what we were looking for. We are a bunch of friends from DotA and now we are trying our best in League of Legends.

Our goal is to acomplish as much as we can offline and online. At the moment we are focusing on the qualifications to IPL5, Dreamhack Summer and European Warsaw Challenger Circuit. I hope we can show our full potential in the near future, keep your fingers crossed for us!”

Source: Team Acer

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