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Posted by pan on May 19, 2012
ICSU to xfunction Fraglider Cup

ICSU to xfunction Fraglider Cup

A few days ago xfunction Fraglider Cup released new information and updated their attending-teams list. It didn’t seem enough though as yesterday it was announced that Swedish team SEicsu will be attending the event.

The tournament will take place in Matosinhos, Portugal on May 25-27 and will count with many international teams, turning it into one of the most important events in Portugal ever. It is yet to be confirmed whether FI ex-WinFakt will attend or not, but given the facts so far, it is unlikely to happen.

BRsemXorah , PTPhantoms , ES airwave,
PT RevolutionGames, PTmadjick , PT energiE5,
PT madVision, PT minorityteam, PT DREAMERS,
PT xfunction, PT etikmatters, PT Game-Warriors,
PT shArkz, PT HardStyle, ESx6tence ,
PT morbidShot,PTExotic , PT wints,
PTk1ck eSports Club , PT NorthernGrade, PT PTO-Gaming,
PT Pandorum, PT uP Gaming, PT NOSENSE, ESDN-Gaming
FI ex-WinFakt , RUzNation , SEicsu
The team was last seen in action last weekend at the $10,000 Inferno Online tournament, although they fell short to SEfnatic in the first round after losing both maps with 16-4 results.

SEicsu ‘s line-up for xfunction Fraglider Cup:
SEDanniél Antonio ‘dalito’ Morales
SEDaniel ‘rape’ Börzsönyi
SEEmil ‘striker’ Westerberg
SEJoel ‘emilio’ Mako
SETommy ‘potti’ Ingemarsson
The announcement was made via Fraglider’s stream. You can watch the VOD here.

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